Kelly is both a young girl and a business owner.

The young business owner, Kelly, has a lot of business trips for her start-up company, too busy on working to have a boyfriend.
But her young heart has the desire of sex, especially in the dead of night after a whole day’s heavy workload.
She has tried every kind of love toys, from dildo, rabbit vibe, battery operated and rechargeable, tickler, to love balls and vibrators, etc, etc.
So far, under her bed, there is one crate full of toys.
Apart from tickling clitoris and tantalizing feeling, one had hardly given her 100% satisfactory orgasm,
all of these changed at the moment a post caught her eyes:
Purple-red: her favorite color;
Figure: Slim top and plump bottom;
Stature: Tiny and cute;
More important is she can take it anywhere she goes!
The one is smiling at her on the screen named Dolp!
Who is Dolp?
Stay tuned for next article.
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