Mom’s world is small, it only allows me to live in.

My world is big but often ignores her.


Every fresh life is a miracle, and the person who breeds the miracle is named Mom.

Thousands kind of love have thousands of styles.

But mom’s love is definitely the warmest light!


Mom was a superhero when we were a child.

She was the first person we ask for help when we were in trouble.

Mom, my shirt is smudged.

Mom, I am ravenous.

Mom, I’ll be late!


All the difficulties you might encounter, mom was that omnipotent superhero.

The trouble in your eyes was a piece of cake before Mom.

Let me wash your smudged shirt, come to put on the clean one.

Dinner is ready, wash your hands and sit at the table.

I’ll drive you to school at once, set your time next time.

Mom pours all her love to protect underage you.


As time slipped by.

You are grown up gradually.

Your satchel is getting heavier and heavier.

More and more people come into your world.

For the first time, you are hand in hand with a date friend.

You have the first career of your life.


Mom is drifting apart after you are grown up.

You don’t want to look back after left home.

But she is still looking at the direction you were leaving with intensity.

You always say you would go home to visit her, but next minute you are traveling with friends and slip your mind of promise to Mom.

Year by year, you are matured and have your own booming career.


Mom’s concern to you is becoming deeper and deeper.

He’s more than willing to hear you say ”I’d go home early this new year”.

But never wait for the “early home”.

It’s not your intention.

But finally, you drift apart with Mom, leave herself miss you every day and every moment.


Someday, mom is not like before anymore.

Her words become less and less, hate to bother you, afraid you’d fed up with her.

You have to admit: Mom is old.

She is not that young superhero…

She tries very hard to learn computer, we chat, emotion package… all young things.

She worries she couldn’t walk with you shoulder by shoulder.

And you find Mom always has countless questions to ask you.

But in fact, what she really wants is companion like before.


Please remember, you are Mom’s pride.

Time wouldn’t release her, her hands with pot in began to quiver.

But she always loves to say:

This is the sweater my daughter bought for me, I cherish it too much to wear it.

Have a look at her cell phone, all photos are about you, show off everyone she knows: “this is my daughter, working in a big company.”


When Mom needs you to take care of her Someday,

Please don’t blame her act slowly,

She ever held your little hands to learn walking step by step.

Please don’t complain she smudges her clothing at dinner,

She ever fed you mouth by mouth tirelessly.


What Mom wanna is too simple:

She wants you happy and well!


Happy Mother’s Day ~_~