The sex toys industry in China and around the world is booming today

and the country contains more than a thousand manufacturers of these adult products.

Sellers who are importer, brand manufacturer, distributor or giant retailers

need to populate the adult shops with high-quality merchandise from the best manufacturers.

Chinese manufacturers, such as have the experience and the adult products that can make a positive difference in your sales channel.


The Adult Novelties Industry Is at an All-Time High


There has never been a better time to be a seller in the adult novelty toy industry than right at this moment.

Sales are higher than ever, and the stigma behind adult pleasure toys is rapidly vanishing.

The Internet and the anonymity it can offer, is another big reason that adult toys are becoming as popular as they are.

People find that they can order without any of the old embarrassment of walking into an adult love boutique,

and picking out a vibrator or masturbator of adult products.


With more people buying and looking for interesting and new products,

it is easy to see just what the industry is doing so well right now.

Each year, it brings in billions of dollars.

Those sellers who want to have a part of that pie need to make sure, that they are working with the adult toy manufacturers, that can give them the greatest chance of success.


Low-Quality Adult Products Makers Damage the Business

– Your Customers Deserve Better


You need to have adult pleasure toys that utilize high-quality materials, have great design,

and that are interesting enough to make your brand and adult shop a popular destination for shoppers.

Finding the right materials can be difficult for a number of reasons.

Many low-quality options are out there,

and choosing those low-quality options could actually be detrimental to your business.


Too many companies are satisfied with choosing the first and cheapest manufacturers they find,

and this has the potential to give the adult toys industry a bad name.

In fact, companies that try to sell low quality adult novelties will soon find that their customer base dries up.

Some companies have a bad reputation for these low-quality items.

It is essential that sellers avoid those companies.


With the right Chinese manufacturer, it can become much easier to thrive in this business.

Companies that sell adult products need to know what to look for with the right maker though.


What Does Offer? is not new to the adult industry.

With more than 15 years in the OEM production business, we’re able to provide actual experience and expertise,

that many of the other companies cropping up simply cannot offer.

The research and development team on staff has a true creative drive that allows them to come up with adult products,

that are able to interest customers and make them sit up and take notice.

From the special lifelike love dolls, booty toy, vibrator for her, for him and for guys, to wireless remote control vibrator,

the R&D team is always working on something new and interesting.


We offer mini bullet vibrator, booty toy, egg masturbator,

and a host of other products that are perfect for companies, who are just starting out selling adult toys,

as well as those adult toy shops that have been around for years.

We offer items perfect for men and women for solo play, as well as items couples can use.


In addition to unique products, we ensure the use of only the highest quality certified materials in those products.

From ABS, TPR, TPE to liquid silicone, we have quality materials and our products are built to last and to provide your customers with the best and most satisfying experience possible.


Make the Right Choice and Do It Now


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