You suppose Kelly will Click “Buy it Now” right away without hesitation?
Nope, as a shrewd business girl, she wouldn’t let whim turn her head!
Wearing a keen eye for details and One-in-a-million are her strength…
She doesn’t wanna pay for a common toy after her 6 years love toys buying experience.
Does Dolp have all must-haves of a fab toy?
Hard look is a must:
*Fancy appearance: the user has an impulse to touch it;
*Body-safe: liquid silicone full covered;
“Wait, what’s liquid silicone?” you might wonder. To be short, the same material as silicone bra, EMC and RoHS approved.
*Hand-friendly: fits holding habit, both in and out;
*Paramount importance: easy to get an orgasm, both shape and functions are reviewed, tested and satisfied by 100+ girls before mass production;
*Rechargeable: a USB cable solve the battery problem
But what features make Dolp 5K+ likes and rave reviews monthly?
Stay in touch for more details of Dolp’s smash hit!