“Voice and video chat” caught Kelly’s attention…

Manipulate the vibrator by touching, shaking, or simply breathing on your screen…


Fed up with traditional love toys, and Kelly wanna spice up her secret sex life with a new pleasure device!

The Dolp will definitely be able to help?


  1. You will be raising your brow that overuse masturbation by hand would cause physical side effects and high blood pressure.

It’s high time to free your hand and master your orgasm just by one thumb!


  1. Smartphone control makes careless you worry-free of lost controller at home!


  1. The long-distance of you and your lover doesn’t matter, Dolp makes sense to keep your sexual life fun via smartphone anywhere in the world, let him control your orgasm from afar!


  1. Build up Your Own vibe patterns and save them to enjoy again and again!

Try new combinations and find your favorite pattern to orgasm.


  1. Music-synced-Dolp

Sync Dolp with your most loved song for the ultimate vibration and enjoy a tantalizing orgasm from your favorite music.


  1. Let the sounds of the world master your Dolp vibrator.

Sounds activate vibration, hang out and enjoy the environment in an entirely new way.

Where do you wanna take it with you today?


  1. Exploring new sensations you never tried before.


Wanna other ways to learn about what you love? Monthly update app will surely satisfy you!

The state-of-the-art Dolp vibrator, precision sensors let you literally see your arousal and orgasm!

Finally, she clicked “Buy it Now”.


After going on the racket for a whole night, now Kelly grins from ear to ear.