Our buyer wasted a whole day on finding a sample’s owner…


As an established brand buying dept., we receive new samples from different factories every week.

For the fancy ones, we’d number, label, photo, show function, highlight them in a file before sending to boss’ review.

With these samples at hand, they are showing too many different working styles of sales staff from different vendors.

The most terrible is like the one we encountered yesterday:

Sample of the vibrator is fine: chic design, intense vibration, good velvet painting…


BUT, nothing was there except a bulk packing sample!

No label;

No item number;

No specification;

No price;

No vendor’s name;

No producer’s contact;

Nothing there…

Finally, our buyer had to ask one by one, a whole day spent on looking for the owner of the sample!


Dearest vendors, would you please just put a name card in the sample parcel?

#bestsupplier #badsupplier #vibrator