Tity fuck

#19016 Tity fuck tiny love toys
• Silicone vibrating teaser pleaser channel sweet sensations to your nipples, clit, even can be a penis tickler
• 12 vibe patterns to meet your diversified desires
• Fits hand holding perfectly
• IPX5 waterproof
• USB rechargeable

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Tity Fuck was invented and designed by women.

The tiny sex toys all started when female designers recognized what all women already know


Gentle sensation becomes body-trembling titillation with mini wand,

a chic design of vibrating nippies teazers.

Velvet-soft silicone holds palm well, so you feel nothing but stunning stimulation on titty f.


The teeny-tiny tip is meant for ultra-precise clitoral and labial stimulation. So if you love direct clit stimulation, this would be your best bet.


The oscillation of the tip sends sensations down the nerve endings in the clitoral area to provide a unique level of stimulation.  The fine tip allows for pinpoint accuracy.  Every woman is stimulated differently.  It is the ability to give precise stimulation directly to the most sensitive areas of an individual that makes the cunt tickler so revolutionary.


As the vibrations begin, nerve-endings alight in your nipples before firing head-to-toe desire. Build on this passion by slipping out the 12 patterns from the teaser sex toy’s casing and directing to other areas.

Your clit never had it so good! When your love bud deserves the royal treatment, it’s time to reach teasing her pussy. This mighty tits sex toy clocks in at just 6.2 inches tall – but it’s loaded with major vibrating power.

Just press the button of the mini wand vibrator and you’ll feel a powerful buzz centered in its firm double-pointed tips.


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Additional information


Silicone + ABS


158mm (6.2'')


21.5mm (0.8'')


37g (1.3oz)


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