Orgasm enhancer

#19707 Leaf orgasm enhancer

  • 10 vibe patterns
  • Full silicone covered
  • Light-weight
  • Curve to form well to the breast or clit
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • USB rechargeable

Clitoral vibrators are orgasm enhancer for precise external stimulation without penetration. Specifically designed to be used to stimulate the boobies and clitoris, these breast sex toys are usually extremely powerful, discreet and quiet for maximum satisfaction during use.

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Banana is in the age of blooming flower, young and pure.


As a girl grown up from a conservative family, she only wants to keep the first night for her Mr. Right.

She has desire, but in order to protect the hymen, she never uses a thrusting vagina sex toy.

Some best clit vibrators do help her for orgasm.


She’s also not satisfied with her A cup boobies, she overheard a breast massage x could enhance breasts bigger by hiding them in the bra. But the boob massagers she found from the market are too big, she can only wear it at home.


Her job requires a lot of business trip, only a mini breast stroker sex toy fits.

She wonders : ”Is there one both fits in brief and bra at the same time?”

She believes she’s not the only one to have this question.


So she looked for and searched, until the Leaf Orgasm Enhancer comes to her life…


When the Leaf pop out before her, her eyes lightened:

Tiny: this pink silicone vibrator fits her palm perfectly, either 1pc in Brief or a pair in Bra as well;

Power: ultimi silicone vibrator, not so strong nor weak;

For a girl like C spot orgasm, it’s the best clitoral sex toy;

Hide it in bra, not show up at all! She name it the best breast sex toy!

Worry-free to play in the shower cause it’s IPX7 waterproof hands free clit vibrator!

Choose right pattern from 10 vibes of the clit enhancer!

A nice surprise is, it’s also perfect for foreplay and breast play during sex!


Delight in its silken silicone form, and surrender to wave upon wave of blissful sensation.

It has a great range of speeds and pulses and is surprisingly quiet for the intense sensations achieved.


The pebble vibrator shape means the hands free clit massager sits snugly in one hand, leaving the other free to wander. The tapered tip has been lovingly crafted to target your clitoris for unbridled exhilaration, while whisper-quiet yet powerful vibrations ensure discretion when required.


Although the hands free blowjob simulator is for personal use (especially in the bath),  use it with your partner who’d love it too! Definitely adds something extra to the bedroom!


Let the hands free female sex toy move around in your panties, jumping around like a frog, or moving like a spider, gives you a completely different sensation, pleasing and ticklish at the same time, you’d be moaning, screaming and giggling, laughing, crawling to grab something to hold to.


It fits well in the palm of your hand and the vibrators that come from it are unbelievable.

Oh, Banana’s Leaf, best gal-pal!


Keep your Orgasm enhancer to yourself for heavenly solo arousal, or hand it to your partner to add a thrilling new dimension to foreplay. For peak pleasure, always use with a generous helping of water-based lubricant.

Store your new vibrator in the blister provided, away from dust, heat and direct sunlight.

Have a peek of vibrating multi thrill


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