Lemon – Nipple and Clit Fun

#19002 Nipple sucking toy

Materia: Silicone+ABS

Provides strong licking sensations

Powerful 10 patterns

Lifelike Oral Licking Tongue stimulation

Great for nipple and clitoral stimulation

100% Waterproof for shower sex

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery; includes USB charging cable

Height: 71mm (2.8’’)

Diameter: 38.5mm (1.5’’)


Foreplay is like an appetizer to the main course.

And tongue plays an important role of tantalizing in foreplay.


Licking gently gradually arouse your partner’s desire….


Mimic the tongue’s work, Lemon launches for licking orgasm:


He is the naughtiest lemon in the wide world,

So do tiniest, cutest, gentlest among the nipple sex toys on playing aggressive pussy licking…

But he’s not sour at all, cause he’s an erotic lemon, the naughty tongue and the nipple stimulation toys in the foreplay.


sometimes, the nipple and clit suckers can even be better than the sex itself.


when you slide the top off of the egg vibe to reveal what’s inside, you will find a pleasant surprise: a little oscillating silicone tongue that you can use to stimulate your earlobes, Clitoris, nipples and any other part of your body that would appreciate a soft licking, flicking type of massage as an egg sex toy, best pussy licker, or nipple play

You are the master on how to play! Just press the power button at the bottom and enjoy the gyrating tongue!

The Lemon is a little smaller and cutier than a real one, and it fits comfortably the palm of your hand to play as an egg clicker.

When powered on, the egg vibrator is quite quiet for tongue orgasm.

Press the same button to cycle through the 10 whisper-quiet massage modes for the different feelings of deep pussy licking.


This clit clicker sex toy comes with a magnetic USB charging cable, and the niple toys takes less than an hour to recharge.

When fully charged, the Lemon can run for over an hour on nipple sex, or like bullet egg.

The Lemon is 100% waterproof sex toy clit licker, so you can get it wet and use it the shower or bath for nipple pleasure.

The middle curved part of best nipple sex toys is made of medical-grade silicone, which is odorless, non-toxic, and non-porous.

You can clean the cheap nipple suckers with antibacterial soap and water.

Meet and be friends with egg in pussy today, ever and forever!


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