Finger banger

Discreet Finger vibrator featuring ten intense vibration patterns;

10 vibration patterns;

Adjustable strap fits securely around fingers or panties;

One-touch button operation;

IPX 6 Waterproof;

USB charging cable included;

Material: silicone

Product dimensions: 1(H) x3.1 (W) x 6.5(L)”

Weight: 1.3oz

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Peach loves foreplay with finger banger.

Minutes of foreplay with finger fibrator could always arouse his girl’s clitit.


Cause he is such a pro to master the right fingo tips on female’s body:

Nipples listed second sensitive of a female, a bit of work on nipples would make her in the role soon.

Once she is on, Clitoris tickler is always top place to accelerate her desire with clitoral toys.

Desire is going to be triggered at any moment!


But what Peach doesn’t disclose is he has a series of secret weapons, like clitoral stimulation vibrator!

Yes, his finger is like every guy else, not become master until with clitoral stimulation toys, riveting……


Twin your intimate knowledge of your lover’s clitit with the stirring sensations of a clit vibrator, to spark passionate arousal in a few deft strokes of finger sex.

2 finger g spot designed for nimble stimulation, Secret Touching elicits potent desire in play.

The finger vibrator sex toy is powered by a rechargeable, the soft silicone casing features a slender stimulator with the protruding tip for extra sensations.

A band loop keeps the finger clit vibrator pressed against your index and middle for 3-finger freedom and total dexterity.

Use your finger stimulator to supplement foreplay for rapid arousal,

or touch it against her clitoris during penetration to help her climax,

while other clit toys for women couldn’t satisfy her.

Put your pleasure front and center by coating your clit flicker’s tip with water-based lubricant before use.

Get our another banger named Couple Pleasure

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2.7cmn (1'')


38g (1.3oz)


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