When his mother told him that his father decided to retire and he would become successor of that small factory of love toys,

he felt a powerful rush of dislike that he couldn’t explain to himself.


Graduated from top art university in the first tier city,

being the first rank of celebrity and having thousands of rock-solid fans were his dream since a child!

But now the fact smashed it….


Facing scores of employees, he saw the dependence and expectation in their eyes.

He couldn’t chase his dream anymore, bearing weighty tasks and living with adult factory are more important and pressing business.


He buried himself and colleagues in new adult novelties’ development, like:

how to make a cock ring;

how to make a pocket pussy;

how to make a male stroker;

Discreet adult toys design, etc.;

Marketing investigation, like how often does the average male masturbate, erotic clit orgasm…

Joining the design of new adult catalogs;

staying up late couldn’t be more normal, sometimes even around the clock.



Finally, a few of his new novelty sex toys went viral, customers keep raving about the coveted designs.

These novelties helped his dream come true, they are superstars in the love toy industry!