As of today, I have been working at PeachBuds for 15 years since I joined on Sep.23, 2004.

I had worked in a massager company for over a year after graduated from my hometown
I was bored of the three bosses’ endless argument on different opinions and dropped out.

After interviewed several companies, I wondered if I took offer from the current company.
Because the product is adult toys, how could I answer them if my friends or family asked me?
As you might imagine, 15 years ago, people’s mind was not as innovative as nowadays.

Finally, I decided to work at PeachBuds cause the boss is kind and the company doesn’t have much rules to limit employees’ activities.
Also because Love Toy is a booming industry, I saw the bright future and huge consuming markets.

As days slipped by, time is always best proof for your decision.

Most colleagues are friendly and easy to get along with, now I’d rather say we are more like sisters and brothers rather than colleagues at PeachBuds.
We help each other on the works, go shopping and hold parties during weekends…

I fall in love with the atmosphere here as time goes by, so do my lovely customers.
Besides business, we became good friends who can talk about secrets in the deep heart. Whatever in China or in their countries, we have dinner and hang out…

So looking back today, I am sure I am so lucky to meet so many nice people in my life, you make my life valuable and colorful!
I love and cherish all of you and looking forward to being with you for decades!

Amy Lee
Sep. 23, 2019