The estrangement launched between the couple after the birth of their twins.

The issue of who would take care of babies and housework lead to family rows in succession.


They all have decent jobs and not willing to give up their careers for family.


They haven’t talked with each other for over a month, though living in the same house.


Secretary has put an envelope on his desk in the morning. He was not available to read until now.

He unfurled the letter and read on.

But his mouth fell open as he kept reading….

All the air seemed to vanish from his lungs;

he felt as though he were falling through the floor;

his brain turned icy cold….

The letter was from an attorney. His wife got to divorce him!


The memory of their love permeated his brain;

Her sweet smile wove in and out of his head;

He loved her so much, even more than himself, they ever promised not part forever.

No, he still loves her deeply now. He couldn’t live without her. He must save their marriage….


Grabbed his briefcase, he wended his way home hastily.

Baby twins were playing outside with baby-sitter; his wife was not home yet.

He called the baby sitter to look after the babies tonight and come back by tomorrow.


He’d prepare a candlelight dinner for her, rose petals in the bathtub, as romantic as before…

And that crate of deluxe love toys under their bed have been sleeping for one month,

her favorite jack rabbit vibrator, they both loved vibrating finger ring, these should be the best part of tonight,

he definitely would enjoy the SM love kit bought last month, he almost forgot!


The doorbell rang, he peeked his wife’s face through the cat eye on the gate.

Sniggers appeared on his face, a well-plotted show is on….

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