A customer stocked 2Kpcs vibes in his warehouse which he just imported one month ago.

Thank goodness, market feedback is positive.

He sold out around 500pcs in the last 30 days.


He’s making the new sales plan to boom the top rated vibraters.


But soon he was informed this item had to be banned by a staff of local government due to some reasons.


What could he do with the stocked adult vibrators?


He wanted to write to the supplier for a solution, but he’d paid the full amount before shipment, will his vendor reply to him? Chances are he’d never get a reply, and the vendor might be missing since then.


He sunk into his chair and in pain to think of the money spent on the sex toy storage poured down the drain.

No, that’s all he earned by hard toil!

With a ray of hope, he made a try by emailing his vendor.


In anxious waiting, he supposed what kind of answers he might get.

He checked the email again and again, but no reply come yet. Then he found Chinese time was ten o’clock in the evening. He might not get response today.

Stayed tuned for the coming up by tomorrow.