Bud has worked as a buying director in a dildo company for 12 years. As one of the well-known adult toy distributors, his company has hundreds of private label sex toys and keeps rising.

With two business trips to China every year to visit different sex toy vendors, dildo maker,  and adult toy suppliers, and after reviewing countless sorts of adult products, bulk sex toys to him, are as lovely as his kids, as endearing as his old pals, and as kinship as relatives or family members…. Yep, he has trained himself to be a real master in the sex toy industry unconsciously.

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He finds that most wholesale sex toy distributors are concerned about if a sex toy vibrator looks nice or functions well, few of them are aware of the heart is as same pretty as the façade, let alone mechanics.

“Is your vibrateor a blonde or a plain jane but kind heart?” few sex toy distributor could answer his question although they wholesale adult toys for years.

Bud decided to train his new and old staff about the knowledge of adult toys vibrators, once a week, hoping they step into his shoes and become gurus of adult vibators, too!

He’d start from the basic knowledge, then have them dig deeper.

Topics of this week’s lesson are:

1. What are vibrating sex toys?

2. Types of vibrators

2.1 Internal vibrator

2.2 Eternal vibrator

2.3 Suction vibrator

2.4 Tongue vibrator

2.5 Penis vibrator

3. Commonly used Materials of sexual vibrators

    3.1 ABS

3.2 TPE

3.3 Silicone

4. Function of vibrator sex toy

   4.1 Vibration

4.2 Licking

   4.3 Sucking

4.4 Rotation

4.5 Thrusting

4.6 Thumping

5. Mechanics of a vibrating sex toy

   5.1 PCBA

     5.2 Motor

5.3 Battery

5.4 Embryo

5.5 Housing

5.6 Skin

5.7 Make up and decoration

5.8 Press button/ keys

5.9 Power/ Energy

5.10 Show up!

6. Both vibes seem the same, but they are not.

6.1 Material

6.2 Processing and details

6.3 Different motor pendant

After raising the topics in the company chat group, his colleagues could hardly wait for the interesting lesson of erotic toys because they know humorous Bud would bring them to a wonderful tour of vibrator sex toys!

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Everyone arrived at the meeting room on time with notebooks and pens in their hands, eagerly expecting to jump in the ocean of sexy vibrator knowledge!.

1. What are vibrating sex toys?

Sex toys vibrators, also called as discreet personal massager, vibes. It is a device with a motor working inside to stimulate sensitive parts of body like nipples, clitoris, vagina, penis, balls, scrotum, testicle, anus etc., to produce pleasurable sexual stimulation, libido, and lead to orgasm. Most of them are produced by sex toy suppliers in China.

Vibrating toys for men and for women come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some of them can go inside a vagina or anus, while others are meant to be used outside the body or for flirting.

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2. Types of sex viberator

Vibrators can be used alone or with a partner, during foreplay, or during sex to induce mind-blowing orgasms.

Big category:

Vibrater for men

Vibrater for women

Toys for men and women


2.1 Internal vibrator:

For example, vibrating dick, some shaped like a dick to resemble a penis, others shaped differently than a classic dildo maybe with a curved top, they are designed to stimulate the sensitive areas inside the vagina, like g spot viberator;

Anal vibrator, thinner than a vibrating dick, with a flat base, designed to insert into the anus for anal orgasm.

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2.2 External vibrator:

They are designed for foreplay’s stimulation or flirting on erogenous zones:  

Like clit, labia, nipple, glans, balls, prostate, anus stimulated by Finger tickler, Clitlicker, Beginner prostate vibrator, Nipple stimulator….

mini vibrator
Necklace vibe

2.3 Suction vibrator:

This kind of vibrator uses gentle suction or rapidly-varying pressure to provide stimulation on clit or nipples for a quick orgasm, the sensation it provided is different from other types of vibe. It’s the most popular vibrator in recent years.

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2.4 Tongue vibrator:

Aka, tongue teasers or tongue viberator, is one of the most popular viberators.

Although they come in many different shapes and size. Most of them mimic the shape of a flickering tip of a tongue. Generate the feeling of a real licking tongue to stimulate nipples (aka nipple toys or nipple vibrator) , ears, clit, and glans for orgasm.

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2.5 Penis vibrator:

Include vibrating cock ring, the one wrap-around glans, like penis head stimulator, blowjob simulator

(17265LINKS); others wrap the balls and cock, e.g. Penis and ball sack vibrator, it’s one size fits all thanks to its open design.

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3. Commonly used Materials of sexual vibrators

3.1 ABS

3.2 TPE

3.3 Silicone: solid silicone and liquid silicone, the latter costs higher and is normally with high standard waterproof, e.g. IPX6 waterproof

Know more materials used in sex toys, please review….

4. Function of vibrator sex toy

Buzzing and whirring inside electronic sex toys through motor’s working, deliver vibration feeling from product surface to stimulation on the most intimate parts of your body, erogenous zones and nerve endings, then reach your desired type of sexual pleasure: orgasm.

One function

Multi-function: 3 function, 10 function

And other multi speed vibrators

4.1 Vibration:

Vibrate at varying speeds and intensities and put sexual stimulation on the intimate area of your body, e.g. vibrator with clit stimulator

clit vibe
clit vibrator

4.2 Licking:

Mimic a tongue’s work to stimulate sensitive points like nipples, clit, and penis head.

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4.3 Sucking:

Using a combination of air, suction and a bit vibration to generate sonic pulses and deliver orgasms over clitoris. Most of them are silicone vibrator.

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4.4 Rotation:

Rotating vibrator, normally a ticker is attached as a clitoral stimulator, e.g. rotating rabbit vibrator, use the shaft for vaginal penetration and generates stimulation on internal vaginal canel through rotation function.

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4.5 Thrusting:

Penetrate by retracting and expanding back and forth, designed for people who enjoy the stimulation of thrusting in addition to vibration.

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4.6 Thumping:

One of the most innovative functions hit the market, like pulsating, quickly moves from one end to the other, it literally micro-thrusts against g spot when sliding inside. Pick your perfect tempo from the multi speeds!

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5. Mechanics of a vibrating sex toy

We all know our brain controls what we think and feel, how we learn and remember, and the way we move and talk;

Our heart, send blood around our body which provides our body with the oxygen and nutrients, like the engine of a car;

Dress to the nines, make us look glorious before others.

5.1 PCBA

“A sex viberator may be smallbut it has all its vital organs, too. Who can identify what is the brain of a vibrator?” Bud asked.

“PCB?” asked a sheepish girl.

Right, short name is PCBA, full name Printed Circuit Board assembly. A variety of electric components are assembled on the circuit board and soldered into position. One of the most important components is IC, it’s the brain of a vibe, and controls the function of vibater.

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5.2 Motor

“Every human has a heart, could anyone tell me what is the heart of the vibeator?”

“Engine!” a boy rushed to give the first answer.

Bud corrected: “Motor, it’s a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, usually by rotating. It’s the vibration, or licking, or sucking, or rotation you feel on the vibrator.”

Motor case or cover

Device that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, usually in the form of rotation motion.

Producer would wear a thin clothing to protect it from noise during working.

Most commonly used in sex toy industry is Motor N15, N20 and 130

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5.3 Battery

What’s the power of a vibe?

Like human need food to get energy, battery offers power to a vibratir.

Battery: commonly used types:

Watch cell: e.g.: LR44

Dry battery like AA, AAA, rechargeable lithium battery with different Volume, voltage, type. The photo shows 3.7V, 280mAh lithium battery.

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5.4 Embryo

Let’s see how they are showing before us after the components are assembled:

best egg vibrator
best finger vibtrator

This is embryo of a vibratior. We need more work to form it.

5.5 Housing

Housing: 1st layer of clothing is the top and bottom cover, normally made of plastic ABS material.

Like Humans love to dress to the nines to be splashy before others, vibrators like to don silicone or plastic clothing to protect themselves and show up their smooth body.

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5.6 Skin

Like clothing on our body, perfectly fit our body to make us look awesome.
Skin of vibe is normally made of Silicone material, it’s vibe’s clothing to show the beautiful appearance. Also responsible for the tactile sensations the user experience.

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5.7 Make up and decoration

Girls like to look gradient through making up. Vibes also like this by painting the surface so it has a velvet feeling, or shining or matte. That’s why you see some vibes with a glossy appearance, while others have a matt feeling.

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5.8 Press button

It’s your alarm that wakes you up every morning?

Like our humans, the vibe needs an alarm to wake it up, too. The alarm is a switch symbol (On/Off) sitting on the body or handle, press the button lightly would make it work for you frisky.

On/Off and function buttons of a vibrrator could come in plastic (ABS) or silicone material.

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5.9 Power/ Energy

The difference between human beings and vibrrators:

The humans would get sleepy after a full dinner.

Vibes don’t need food but power, feed your vibe by plugging a USB cable in the charging slot after it serves you and wears out.

It can work at full speed for around an hour nonstop after being fully charged or a new battery inserted!

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5.10 Show up!

After well-groomed and charged, vibes are ready to show up before consumers, awesome!

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6. Two vibes seem the same at first sight, but they are not.

There are caveats about how to judge the quality of adult vibrators, and details sweat.

6.1 Material

Red Bullet photo

Could you tell the difference between the two mini bullet vibrators?

mini vibrator
best bullet vibrator

They do have the same 2-inch length, same 3 vibe patterns, same red color…

After letting it work for a few minutes and having a close look, you’d find:

  • The right one is weak and the left one is strong;
    • There’s a hidden crack on the right one’s housing and the left one is complete;

Could you guess the reason?

(Find the answer at the bottom of the article)

  • Motor pendant of the right one is small, and the left one is big.

The fact is the right one surely costs lower, but you might have to pay the same bulk price and received cheap bullet vibrator.

6.2. Processing and details:

Many sex toy manufacturers are producing pocket rocket sex toys, as one of the most popular vibrators, a lot of adult toy distributors are buying them as bulk sex toys.

Bud talked about what he experienced one year ago.

“Price varies from 0.50 to 3.00 dollars. When I first saw the knockoff of this mini vibrator at a sex toy show in Guangzhou city, I was shocked. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference until my dildo supplier taught me how.

This is something I want to share with you today.”

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6.3 Different motor pendant built-in adult vibe toys

Heart rates decide a human’s lifespan.

But after being assembled, the vibrator’s heart – the motor is hidden in the housing. Users couldn’t tell the motor is good or bad.

So poor motor and vibration frequency will influence erotic sex toys’ life span and sometimes not safe.

Motor rpm (revolution per minute), like 9000rpm is stronger than 7000rpm, copper pendant is stronger than tin based on the same size.

Photo shows N20 motor with Copper, Tin and Tungsten steel pendant, they are most used in adult toys production.

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Would you wanna customize your own brand vibrator, or white label sex toys, but couldn’t find a reliable love factory, or your current dildo making company drove you mad… feel free to hit sex toy manufacturer PeachBud up at sales@peachbuds.com

Just drop us your idea and sit back, we will get you covered.

Answer to 6.1.2 Material of left and right is PC: ABS

ABS material is easy to break during production in the injection molding machine, fine line cracks formed on finished housing.