“Whatever you become, I’d be with you, forever!”

the penis pump
Natural erectile dysfunction treatments

When he found his erectile dysfunction for the first time, his wife promised him face to face.

Her words smooth his ruffled feathers nerves and make him feel rest assured.

That lady didn’t break her promise, and her action showed her resolutions:

Accompanying him through thick and thin, inspire him to look for doctors and try to find new ways to cure…

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what does a penis pump do

But as time goes by, his wife became his ex-wife in the end.

“The other night, when she touched my cock, her hand retracted subconsciously. Then there’s few communications, no married bed, sleeping in separate rooms, not going home…. finally, we broke up.” He has the balls to tell his mates a few months later what he had experienced.

He didn’t blame her, but signed: “Don’t test humanity…”

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he had asked himself thousands of times: “why it’s him who has the ED problem?”

He’s still young, just in his early forties. But such is life, whatever happened, life must go on!

After trying different medications, and injections, he’s tired of suffering brought by the pill’s side effects.

Wondering if there’s erectile dysfunction natural treatment.

natural erectile dysfunction cure
natural cures for erectile dysfunction

After googled a few keywords like ED natural treatments, erection enhancer, natural cures for erectile dysfunction, cock enhancer, etc., a name caught his eye: “Penis Pumps”

And the description grabbed his attention further:

“non-surgical, completely pain-free, option for addressing erectile dysfunction.
no cutting, no stitches, no scalpels. get larger”

A few questions popped out of his head:

“What is a penis pump”

“Do penis pumps work?”

“How to use a penis pump?”


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With the help of Google, he got the following answers after a few minutes of searching.

What is a penis pump?

Penis pump is also called cock enlargement pump, penis enlarger or vacuum pump, made of the following basic accessories:

  1. A Handle with valve
  2. A Hose
  3. A pump/ penis pump tube
  4. Silicone sleeve or ring
what does a penis pump do
penis pump masturbation

It’s a vacuum device that can help the penis get an erection and stay hard for penetrative sex.

If the user has erectile dysfunction or trouble getting or keeping an erection, penis pumping would be a great help for natural erectile dysfunction treatments. You can also use a penis pump for pleasure (someone uses it as erectile dysfunction toys) or with penis pump sleeve for masturbation.

Types of penis pumps

Hand-operated/ Manual penis pump

Electric penis pump, It’s said the best male enlargement pumps.

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Different color pumps:

To make it see-through, then you could see your buddy in the dark and how much it grows with the help of a penis pump with gauge, pumps are made in transparent or translucent color, like:


*Translucent Blue

*Translucent Red

*Translucent Black

colors of penis pumps
best male enlargement pumps

“Do penis pumps work?”

The working principle of the penis pump is using suction to increase blood flow to the user’s penis.

When blood fills the blood vessels in the penis, causing them to swell so penis gets bigger and harder.

So the user can have penetrative sex after maintaining an erection.

And the user may gain a teeny bit of extra length from a pump.

A silicone ring, also called a constriction ring or cock ring is usually placed around the base of the penis to help keep the blood in the penis and maintain hard, um, stronger and longer.

For the one with ED and want natural erectile dysfunction cure, penis pumps are less expensive and generally safer than other options when used correctly.

Penis pumps also have ideal effects for males who suffer from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction or who are looking to enlarge their penises. This device is effective when it comes to temporary length and girth extension.

So, penis pumps do work for most people. It not only works but it also brings penis pleasure!

“How to use a penis pump?” (manual pump)

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penis pump instructions
  1. You may want to shave the public hair around the base of your penis although this is not required. Doing this would help pump have a firm grip on your penis and prevent the ring from getting caught in the hair;
  2. Place the pump over your penis;
  3. Grip the curve in the handle and pull up with fingers to start the suction;
  4. Keep pulling until blood flow to the penis and gets erected.
  5. Press the Valve button to release air and remove the pump.
  6. If you want to use the pump right before having sex, slip one of the constrain rings around the base of the penis once an erection is achieved.

This aids in keeping the erection by restraining the blood from flowing back.

You may use a water-based lube to easily slip the ring.

  • After removing the pump, start massaging the penis a little to aid blood flow and growth.

Don’t worry about the erection since it will stay erection for a period of time enough to last long for sex.

How to use a rechargeable vacuum pump?

penis pump with gauge
penis pump tube
  1. Insert your penis into the clear pump;
  2. Press the switch button to create satisfying vacuum;
  3. It would increase blood flow and expand the blood vessels which over time can increase the size of your cock;
  4. As soon as you are pumped to full volume, press Red release button and the air will be dispersed safely and easily.
  5. Place one of the silicone sleeves around the base of the penis to maintain the erection.
  6. Enjoy!

Difference between Manual operated and Rechargeable penis pump:

  1. Cost: manual one cost lower and rechargeable one costs higher.
  2. Manual operation is good for ones who want to achieve erection slowly, while electric one could get an erection more quickly.
  3. Rechargeable one save human power.
  4. For the ones who have arthritis or dexterity problems, a rechargeable penis pump is an ideal option.
cock enlargement pump
erection enhancer

After knowing everything about penis pumps, as well as how they work and which type is good and safe for him, he could hardly wait to log on shopping website to pick one and clear his shopping cart.


One month later, his mates didn’t recognize him at a party at first sight!

A radiant young man with a square chest and super pumped, his new girlfriend snuggled in his arms like a bird!

He, picked up confidence and be him again, thanks to Penis Pumps!

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erectile dysfunction natural treatment

Dazzled by the wide variety of penis pumps on the market?

Don’t worry, just drop us an email at sales@peachbuds.com, as a penis pump manufacturer for over 18 years, PeachBud will guide you on how to have discerning eyes of penis pump instructions.

Till next time.