You and your BF have been together for 3 years. Do you really know him?

You may know where he is born;

his best friend;

his mother’s name;

the coffee brand he loves;

his clothing size;

what is the most sensitive part of the body;

how to make him orgasm, etc. but are you a guru on his hottest erogenous zone?

Guess: what is the most sensitive part of a man’s organ? How to have better male orgasms?

Get to know what are erogenous zones, have a sneak peek if your BF or man has the following characteristics:

* Eyes

* Ears

* Neck

* Nipples

His lustful eyes

Male is a visual creature, he’d gaze at the sexy girl with bare long legs….

If you pace before him in a suit of sexy lingerie, his sight visual would arouse his libido to you.

His lustful eyes

* Ears

Are ears erogenous zones?

When you whisper Dirty talk, blow or fondle, lick his ear from helix to lobe, and slide with your tongue, you’d feel he’d moan in intoxication ….

Lick ear

His neck

When you kiss his lips, slowly move below to his neck, open your mouth wide to lick the neck skin, at the same time, stroke his chest lightly with your hand or the help of sex toy necklace. Then, suck or bite his neck skin gently. he’d be aroused and turn the tables on you.

Kiss neck

His nipples

Are nipples an erogenous zone?

Flirt his nipples with your fingertips by circling there, or circle there with your tongue. Or stroke his nipple up and down with your toe in silk stockings. Whatever it’s foreplay or middle break, the movement would make him excited.

Nipple Play

Now the most sensitive part of his body is closer….

Lower body

Man’s sensitive part is in the lower body. Penis and balls area, anus area, butt, and inner thigh. Rubbing his balls and fondling them with fingertips would bring him sexual pleasure.

His glans

So, here comes the most sensitive part, stay still, and don’t let it surprise you!

Stats show that although there are many nerves on nipples, there are as many as 4000 nerve endings on man’s glans which makes it the most sensitive part of penis!

When you stimulate penis head, it can speed up orgasm and enhance arousal….

Now you understand why your unintentional touch of his penis head made him scream!

How to have better male orgasms?

You must be overwhelmed by all sorts of so called best men’s sex toys on the market and have no idea which one is the best masturbator for men.

Based on the fact that glans is the most sensitive part of man, surely the glans toys are the top choice.

2 options: the handjob sex toy and the rechargeable massager.

The best handjob massage is: self-lubricating masturbator

You may know that most male strokers are working with lube, but have you ever heard a few male masturators works with running water? Right, a few drops of tap water would make men masterbation toys smooth like with lube!

Not many Chinese vendors have the skill to produce such kind of men sextoys, eco-friendly and easy to use. Want to enjoy masturbation during your travel but forget taking lube, no problem, tap water would help definitely!

mini penis toy
Self-lubricating masturbator

Here’s how the mastbator works:

1. Put a small amount of running water in the masturbator;

2. Roll between fingers;

3. Put mastebator on the glans;

4. Roll masterbation sleeve between fingers;

5. While you are rolling, you’d get that full, surrounded feeling just like sucking by your gal’s mouth. Now add some twisting motion on, gentle flutters and trails come like real tongue action.

The sensations can quickly transform from soft, sensual licking to more intense sucking, depending on how you move the sleeves on your shaft.

With a few serious grip, the sensations build up and take you to a heaven-like place!

6. After orgasm, wash and store in a cool place for next use.

mens orgasm

Now you have seen the beautiful heart of the mini stroker, also wonder if their appearance is as pretty as its interior?

Lo and behold, they’re here!

penis sleeves and extensions
Egg sex toy for men

Disguised in a compact apple-like case, 6 different as soft as real lips, as stretcher as an elastic band (4 times longer than the original size which fits most penis sizes), inner wavy lines and textures, bumps and lumps just meet your 6 days’ comfortable feel of great satire!

They are not disposable although each price is less than 1 dollar, but bring your BF ~10 times sensual orgasm!

After using the self-lubricating masturbator for a period, how about changing the flavor and giving him a vibrating stroker?


If his penis is big and not fond of one size fits all, an open ended stroker would be a perfect fit!

The worst witch – Vibrating male masturbator

You might have seen a few ugly witches, how about meeting the worst one?

It’s perfectly crafted according to his needs.

The open design and sensational vibrations make the electric male sex toy very convenient to use.

Moreover, it’s also discreet and can fit the penis of any girth and size due to its open structure.

The ribbed interiors of the worst witch make the silicone male toy even more arousing and like wearing a cloak on the penis head, it simulates the glans perfectly.


  1. You CAN totally have it eat out of your hand!
  2. Adjust the grip on the vibrator which enables you to gain intense stimulations easily.
  3. Completely adjustable and generate teasing stimulations.
  4. Strong motor leads your BF towards powerful orgasms.
  5. Stimulate right spots on the penis and drive him crazy with erotic vibrations.
  6. Rechargeable to avoid out of battery disappointment.

While most male toys focus on entirely of the genitalia to get the job done, what about PeachBud’s glans vibe?

Just the penis head, honey.

The following 2 toys look like a bud, and they are as endearing as their functions.

20301 Glans vibe bud

Don’t let the petite thing’s appearance cheat you!

Don’t neglect the trick, it’s not a normal glans vibrator, but what’s hiding in the vibrating male sex toy?

Its secret is what hides inside the core which leads to the male orgasm


1. Mini but powerful: the male vibrator is integrated with motor that are powerful enough to generate intense stimulations on glans that allow your man to treat his sexual urges in a way he has never experienced before.

2. Soft and smooth silicone enclosure provides smoothing sensastion to penis head stimulator.

3. 10 vibe patterns transport your man to the world of penile pleasure where he cannot resist cumming as hard as he can.

4. IPX5 waterproof allows your man to enjoy the bathtubs and showers as well.

5. USB rechargeable

Glans vibe

20302 Flower tongue glans vibe

After you got to know he loves both nipple and glans play, you might wanna find a toy that can kill two birds with one stone?

2 benefits: Nipple stimulation and glans orgasm

PeachBud thought about this before you and made it come true already.

4 trembling petals are designed for flirting with his nipples.

After he got aroused, the vibrating male toy’s tiny tongue turns to fiddle with his glans… till male orgasm torture.

The main part of the vibrating masturbator that works to stimulate is the tip of the penis. These vibrating stimulating pulses work their way towards the underside of the glans, making sure not to ignore any inserted portion of the glans.

You’d be surprised when you see the best male stroker  with naked eyes, it’s just 6.5’’(16.5cm) long in total with insertable 3.1’’(8cm). the flower opening itself makes for a very snug experience once the penis or nipple is inserted.

The compact handle makes hand holding friendly and dedicated buttons for ease of use, and the motor is tweaked in where they apply pressure to the glans.

How does it work?

Smooth with lube, inserting the glans or nipples inside the toy to feel soft and accommodating, licking tongue dancing inside to release male orgasm.

Long Press on/off to turn on. Pick one function to satisfy his orgasm.

Enjoy the licking tongue inside to flirting his nipples and glans.

Flower tongue glans vibe

Now you’ve got a few tricks about men’s erodgenous zones, where’s most sensitive part of the body, if you want to your man to get male multiple orgasm and want to implore more toys’ function, drop us an email at

Till next time