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1. What is a glass dildo?

2. How to use glass toys?

3. Why a glass dildo?

3.1 Variety of colors

3.2 Hot and cold sensation

4. Benefit of glass toys

5. How are glass dildos made?

6. Customize glass dildo and bulk buy

She’s an obedient and quiet girl in the eyes of her parents,

Pure, gentle, and not sociable in the eyes of her friends;

Silly but sweet gal in the eyes of her boyfriend.

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Her parents don’t understand why she leaves home early every morning like a morning owl and back home very late like an evening cat. Working as a Civil office staff at the government office, she needn’t work like a workaholic.

But they don’t know she is running an online sexshop with her gal pal as her sideline, she tests almost all erotic toys selling on her website, so does the sexy lingerie…

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Among the hundreds of adult novelties on her website, she prefers hard cock, especially the glass dildos.

1. What is a glass dildo?

She’s so curious when she heard the name from a dildo maker for the first time. “What, a dong toy could be made from glass material?”

“Yep, glass dildos aka pyrex dildo or pyrex sex toys, meaning that they are made in the similar ways as the ceramic dishes your gran probably had. And just like ceramic cookware, glass can be comprised when the temperature changes too fast, like going from cool air conditioner room to a hot oven inside the human body. The user enjoys from cool dildo to hot dildo the same cock toy offer. It stays hard during using although it’s not a functional sex toy. Yep, one of the best kinds of dildo for temperature play!”

The sex toy sales rep is a young girl similar age as her, a veteran in dildo industry.

“But do women like glass dildos?” she wondered.

“You might give a glasdildo test by yourself and give us a glass dildo review, hehe”

Her words intrigued her to have a try on the free sex toy samples she offered.

She picked one night without meeting to test the glass adult toys.

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2. How to use a glass dildo

Her childhood is accompanied by sweets, she shows special preference favor to candy canes.

Because she grew up with her gran, the old lady always bought her candy canes when she had a tantrum…

Picked a candy cane glass dildo, cleaned the glas dildo with warm water, then lubed its head.

Firstly she held the curved handle and twisted the tip on the clitoris.

After roused, she inserted the tip in and slowly let the shaft in deeper.

Twist the shaft with her hand to ease it in.

Move the glasdildo in and out smooth and sensually, starts out slow and builds up slowly as the body increase its sexual response.

Increase thrusting motion as she feels more aroused.

Speed up thrusting and wide circular motion. This encourages the inserted portion to massage g spot and p spot of interior vagina walls and increases sensation. She enjoyed the feeling glass dildo in pussy sooo much…

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She also tried it as a glas anal plug. After lubed,  she trust the glass didlo in the anus with a gentle and slow move, she felt it there and let it go deeper, then up and down to get thoroughly pleasure. To compare with the wide glass butt plug, this glass dildo curved shape fits her more.

Finally she got the orgasm she expected, amazing, she never expected to get a glass dildo cum before! She plans to have a try on these glass dildo collection with her boyfriend next week, maybe he would fall in love with glass dildo for men!

3. Why a glass dildo?

One of the reasons she loves glass dildo fuck is the wide variety of colors.

3.1 Variety of colors

She thinks color is a powerhouse when it comes to influencing our thoughts and emotions. The psychology of color is not to be underestimated. The right color can arouse the user’s sexy desire. Glass dildo flower built inside would never fade off. Glass dildo blue keep original blue heart, never changing to light blue or other colors.

The other night, when she sits in the dusk room after a boring working day, a blue glimmer caught her attention, she stretched out her hand and picked up the glow in the dark dildo, the glowing dildo seemed to grin at her, she held it on her private part through the clothing and started dry humping out of the blue. Within minutes, she got an orgasm spectacularly!

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3.2 Hot and cold sensation

Another feature of glass dildo play that fascinated her is the cold and hot sensation that other dick toys couldn’t bring to her.

In winter, when using a glass dildo, she’d warm it up by heating glasfildo up with warm water. 3 minutes of immersing in hot water would make her dildo to body temp and become a warm dildo.

At the moment she let thick glass dildo penetrate into her body after lubed, the warm feeling is just like her boy friend’s pen, hard and rigid, more smooth, the wide glass dildo will not soften or become limp at any time…

In summer, she either chills her twisted glass dildo in a bowl full of ice or freeze her glass rose dildo up in her freezer to enjoy what was like ice play. 10 minutes of cooling in the fridge would make her glass dildo lower than room temperature, the cold feeling always brings her “Wow, cool!” sensation at the moment the pyrex glass dildo touches her clit.

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These features addicted her so much, she loves to enjoy at least once a week! And she couldn’t resist sharing the benefit of glass toys with her gal pals, they, surely expect to have glass dildo orgasm as well!

4. Benefits of glass toys

They are surely the most exquisite examples of luxury sex toys after loading glass dildo pics on her adult products website.

“one, two, three… at least I could tell 6 glass dildo benefits!” she exclaimed in delight with finger counting.

4.1 Longevity – if cared for correctly and carefully, the glass dildo set would last a lifetime.

4.2 Glass dildo art – as they are all hand blown, no two standard glass dildos are 100% same, the very classy craftsmanship are totally great to display them as ornaments at glass dildo shop!

4.3 Rigid and firm – glass dildo vs rubber, the former is great for those orgasms from hard toys with rigid and firm structures.

4.4 Easy to clean and maintain – simply use soap or lotion and water to keep your blown glass dildo happy and healthy. Maintenance is practically non-existent because no worry about hanging them out, wipe dry would be fine.

4.5 No worry battery decay – You needn’t worry about battery decay or surface degradation either because the borosilicate glass dildo will not wear down.

4.6 Waterproof – playing in the bath make both-time loads of fun for glass dildo solo play or with an intimate partner.


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After releasing glass dildos on her website, she often got the questions like how are glass dildos made from her customers. Soon the answer came to her inbox from her dildo supplier.

5. How are glass dildos made?

Pyrex glass is the most popular brand name for borosilicate glass. It is a common material used in glass sex toys such as dildos and butt plugs. Pyrex glass is very strong. It is resistant to cracking or breaking. Pyrex glass heats up and cools down quickly making it great for (careful) temperature play.

The main constituents in borosilicate glass are boron trioxide and silica. Items made from borosilicate glass are less susceptible to thermal shock than other glass items due to its low coefficients of thermal expansion.

5.1 Raw glass material selection

Best glass dildo must start from best raw materials.

Whether to produce glass butt plug, glass cock ring, glass heart dildo, or devils tongue glass dildo, the first step is picking the suitable glass sticks with right diameter and color.

5.1.1 Select the one without bubble, flat and smooth appearance

5.1.2 Cut the quality glass sticks to the size we need to produce

5.1.3 Immerse the glass sticks in special liquid in order to remove the impurity of the glass stick

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5.2. Hand blown

5.2.1 Take the quality glass sticks on production line.

5.2.2 Use natural gas as fuel, and oxygen to help burn, working temperature is super high, so it’s like working under the sun directly in hot summer’s noon!

5.2.3 Hand blow the glass stick according to different items’ size till the glass stick becomes the condition you could change the shape easily.

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5.2.4 Put in mould for shape adjustment. We’ve got different mould of glass anal toys, glass ben wa balls, glass dildo curved, giant glass dildo, etc.

5.2.5 Cut the both ends when producing a double headed glass dildo, then hand blown to fix the shape again.

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5.3. Anneal in the oven

5.3.1 QC check the quality of glass blowing dildo.

5.3.2 Anneal in the mid-temperature, anneal time depends on glass toy shape and size, they need at least 3 hours in the oven for anneal, after that, take them out for cool down naturally.

5.4. Quality Check

Put them under rigidity light to see if they are qualified.

A few big glass dildo may be out of shape, glass anal beads maybe not round, curved glass dildo may not curve, glass g spot dildo may with straight head, etc, etc.

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5.5. Packing

Pack the qualified checked glass dildos in the packaging as customers required, e.g. gift box with window, velvet bag, closed color box, or sex toys discreet packaging in shipping carton, and arrange export shipment by sea or by air.

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As vendor of Glassvibrations, Sxx and other private label, PeachBud owns hundreds of styles developed for different brands.

Would you have an idea to develop your own style or series glass dildos, vibrating glass dildo, or glass but plug, just drop us an email, samples would fly to your office at record time.

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Enjoy glass dildo fun~~