Today, if you made a bad decision about a restaurant, service provider, travel agent, car, or just about anything.

All the information you need to correct it to a good decision is literally one click away.


The success of your business is based on its reputation.

It’s true for me, and it’s true for you.

That reputation manifests every day as word of mouth.

What do people say about you and your company?

For a B2C business, ratings and reviews are just online words of mouth, with the added bonus of a 1-5 star scale, for easy comparisons.


But for global B2B #vibe4vibrator business, it’s not easy to always find what really happens between customers and suppliers, even those who do business for many years got cheated.


Just like this one my customer told me yesterday:


I spoke to another company here in the US and there are some very bad suppliers I was told…


Email me at for how to tell Good and Bad suppliers with our 15+ years in #lovetoys and #lovevibrator industry.


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