Why PeachBud?


Why should you choose to work with PeachBud is not because how well we are bragging or how cheap our toys seems to be.


It’s because:

  1. Our offer meet your needs and our solution cure your pain points;


  1. Our product is able to bring your desired result and performance;


  1. Our market positioning matches yours and our commitment resonates with you;


  1. Our ability to work out a proposal that lists a “before vs after” clears your worries;


  1. Our market performance and customer referral allow for your joined trust.


So I am sure price itself is not the only factor that stops you from working with us who might nicely surprise you in a good way.


But anyway I know you are definitely going to ask “What’s the price of your toy” on the comment bar.


I am happy to make a quick quote shall you mail me at toy@peachbuds.com.


But, why don’t we get down to exploring your market trend/ your specific need on #adulttoy or even the ROI before pointless haggle?


Some of you are sure to be a trustworthy business partner in the near future.


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