Value of fun sex toys trading company and dildo factory

A friend from America told me about her experience of buying exotic dildos from China.

She expressed that the toughest part of purchasing from China is Communication.


My jaw dropped because most sales staff are well-educated, some of them studied International Trade as their major in the university, some even studied abroad, and their English passed CET-6 or even 8 tests.


  1. Conflict between dildo factory and customer

  2. Value of adult toys trading company


  1. Conflict between dildo factory and customer


1.1 Service and quality of adult novelties manufacturers are quite different,

especially those with high MOQ, their sales representatives’ levels are varying, the good ones do offer great service, but sometimes the overseas customers would get screwed by the unresponsible sales staff.


1.2 Overseas customers would need multiple erotic toys suppliers.

It’s out of common sense that brand manufacturers, distributors, dealers, private label customers only work with one factory, normally they work with a few makers, some of them are backups, some of them are main suppliers, surely customers wouldn’t tell the main vendor that they have backups.


  • Communication

In the point of my view, communication ability is a top sales staff’s greatest competence. But only a few sales in the factory with the ability. Why? Because manufacturing companies tend to pay more attention to barriers of the factory, like adult products development, and personalized items, rather than be kind to salary, commission, and bonus. It turned out to be many excellent sales staff hopped for a higher raise job.

Keeping the competence of smooth conversation with customers, solving customers’ various problems at any time, especially after the pandemic, and helping customers with one more step, would take customers’ trust value to the next level.


Customers care more about collaborative spirit, trader or factory doesn’t really matter.

For example, you are a grandmaster in the sex toy industry for years, although you are a dildo trading company, you can find 20 reliable vibrator plants for your customer within one day, is a factory capable of this?


  1. Value of the adult toys trading company


I overheard some customers only place orders with trading companies, and leave the balance to them to deal with. Because they trust them.


What could a pleasure toys trading company do for them:

  • Sampling:

-A vendor might take one week to talk with you about sample charge and freight;

-After this problem is solved, your factory might mismake your Pantone color and waste another week to make a new one;

-Sample parcel returned after 3 days because they don’t have MSDS certificate.

Until they drove you mad, one month lost, you got nothing but missed campaign.

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  • Coordination of factory’s production, following up and back up factories;

Only man who deals with vendors understands how long and hard the road is….


  • QC

Without QC before shipment, you might receive masterbation toys in your warehouse like:

Different color as the sample you approved;

Barcode of sex toy package is not scannable;

Less quantity than order;

Shipping case of pussy toy broke;

No compensation because you paid in advance…

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  • Arrange shipment of exotic toys

-Loading as more as possible pleaser cargo from different massager makers in one container to minimize empty space need some skills and experience..

-Picking a good forwarder or shipping company would guarantee the cargo will arrive your warehouse safely and in good condition, sometimes saving a bundle of freight cost.

adult toy shipment

love toy loading

  • Various urgency problems, allocation, integration resource.

Do you worry about your bullet vibrator orders production, delay shipment every day OR you can sleep well because your vendor does everything for you quite well?


  • The most important part: Save time and energy


Just like the information we got from the shipping company:

That most shippers of fun toys are trading companies rather than fun sex toys factories, the reason speaks here.


E.g. A 40’HQ container includes 5 factories cargo like clit sex toy, dick sucking toy, dick vibrator, fake pussy toy, vibrating nipple suckers, the capable trading company can do milk run. But the cock ring factory couldn’t do the job.

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Often our customers would buy from many vibrating dildo factories, everyone’s sextoy articles are simple, they need a trading company to allocate, consolidate and load containers, declare export, distribute the payment, etc.


And another point is efficiency, time is also efficiency. For many American and European customers, the reason they work with sexsual toys traders is to save their time instead of emailing with every vendor. Everyone knows the communication cost might be higher than sex products costs. If one can find a sexy adult toys agent in China to deal with many Chinese vendors, saving time for himself to do more local business, isn’t it cool?


So, the value of erotic toys traders is greater than factories. Many trading companies are running better and better, eventually, they’d set out from brands, design, technology, R&D, and make their own world.

Could we say that Apple is not a trader? After all, Apple doesn’t have its own factory.


But be on the ball, not all adult sex trading companies are nice and active.