Ready to travel during China’s golden week holiday? Which begins on Saturday, Oct.01 to Oct. 07, 2022.

Wait, is there a sex toy in your luggage?

If yes, do you know where you can’t travel with your vibrator?

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The Middle East and Southeast Asia aren’t the only regions of the world who have bans against adult novelties, but include the following countries as well:


  1. Kuwait

As an Islamic country, it’s one of the countries that forbids import or export of adult play toys.

Although selling adult toys secretly violates the laws, adult products are rampant under the table because Kuwait has many expatriates who live without wives.

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  1. Malaysia

You can spoil your stomach with spicy fried rice cakes, explore caves and take diving lessons in Malaysia, but don’t expect to bring adult sex aids to this country.

Adult sex toys are banned in Malaysia according to the country’s penal code.

It states that possession of “any obscene objects whatsoever” can result in a fine or even jail.

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  1. Maldives

With an ideal island getaway, dazzling coral, and magnificent caves, Maldives is an ideal place to travel.

But please take note that Adult toys list under the heading of “pornographic materials” by Maldives customs service.

Pornographic material includes sex toys, books, films, magazines, DVDS and software.

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  1. Mauritius

Mauritius is best known for its over 150km white beaches around its shoreline, its stunning white sandy beaches, and its varied flora and fauna.

But it seems like “satisfying ourselves” is illegal in Mauritius. And those with adult toys in the luggage risk up to 1 year in jail and a 10K Mauritian rupee fine.

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  1. Saudi Arabia

You might enjoy world-class diving and buzzing bazaars in Saudi Arabia, but you couldn’t have any sex-toy aided fun.

Tax and customs authority has prohibited the importation of all types of sexual instruments in Saudi Arabia, and in a brutal crackdown against “homosexuality”.

Keep the dildo’s away because the Po-Po’s did not come to play…

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  1. Thailand

Due to Thai’s liberal attitudes towards sex and thriving sex industry, it would appear that Thailand has a relaxed attitude when it comes to adult toys.

But the Thai government refuses to amend the law banning sex toys because it goes “against the view of Thai society”, the penalty for anyone who caught buying or possessing love toys is up to 3 years in prison or up to $2,000 fine.

So Thailand is a no no no on erotic toys.

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  1. UAE

As a country draws in millions of visitors, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are especially popular.

But be aware that it’s illegal to take love toys into the UAE or have them delivered there.

If you are caught with something sexy, you’ll have it confiscated.

They will not only take your vibrator away, but will they also put your behind bars!

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  1. Vietnam

From flavorful food to thrilling kite-surfing, Vietnam has a lot to offer to the travelers.

In 2011, the General Department of Vietnam customs announced that Vietnam officials will not allow the import of love sex toys into the country. Your sex toys will be taken by customs officers and confiscated.

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So, if you intend to travel to any of these countries, just leave your erotic sex toys behind.

Better check the customs websites of any countries you plan on entering.