Packing material for Love Toys production:

what’s shipping carton?

Durable carton is a must for line-haul from factory to importer, distributor, wholesaler, and retailers…
We move on talking about the shipping cartons and looking at the corrugated board types.
Category: Inner carton and Master carton
Grab a carton from your warehouse, peel the top layer off, and take a look at it and see what carton your vendor used.
The raw material of Shipping cartons (inside carton & outside carton):
The raw paper includes Cattle Card, White Card, Core Paper and Liner Paper.
Cattle Card is Kraft paper, the color known as in brown, as hard as cowhide, 4 types of it commonly used:
A: 175g/m²
B: 150g/m²
C: 127g/m² (Liner Paper, too squashy to use for cartons)
K: 250g/m², best used for shipping carton.
Layers of Shipping Cartons:
One layer: normally used for inner carton
Double layer: for master cartons, e.g K2K, inside and outside are all Kraft paper K, durable enough for heavy goods.
Three layers: for master cartons, e.g. A3A, inside, middle and outside are all paper A. gauge is good but not as durable as K paper.
Shipping marks:
Main Mark (long side):
Side Marks (short side):
Top Mark:
Bottom Mark:
Just drop a question to your vendor before you placed them official PO next time:
What Master carton is applied for my order?