Did your jaw drop when you see the following data?


  1. 76% of people indicated that they have used a sex toy in their lives,

and 24% stated they have never used one at all.


  1. 42% buy from online, 21% from brick and mortar stores and others like received as a gift or home party…


  1. Which sex toys are selling the most?

69% of them are vibrators, 16% are sexy lingerie, 8% are dildos and others.


  1. What is the preferred using of adult novelties?

Couples exploration takes 43 %, solo plays have 28%, foreplay owns 22%, the balance 7% is fetish play.


How love toys improve our relationships?

Yes, Orgasms!


How often do you have an orgasm using adult toys?

ALWAYS takes 72 %, and Sometimes gets 22%, Never only occupy 1% or so.


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