Mini Love Doll

#17107 Mini Love Doll

As small as fitting in your hand

As true as realistic skin

As enjoyable as a real girl

She is your ideal pocket stroker

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Not only for manga fans this Mini Love Doll is the new favorite toy.

The pocket stroker is adorned with an elaborate, delicate girl figure that takes on a graceful posture and makes you want more with shapely breasts.

The masturbator is very elastic and cuddly, your ideal mini sex doll fuck.

So the tight love tunnel lays particularly tight around your penis and stimulates you intensely.

Thanks to the skin-like nature of the material, your solo playing’s feeling of the fake vagina is very realistic.

This pocket pussy costs better than others, also.


This pocket pussy DIY is very flexible in every sight

The vaginal love cave is delicately grooved and massages you particularly effective and intense.

Since the toy has no rigid shell, you can regulate the pressure and the narrowness of the love tunnel from the outside even by hand.

Due to its compact design, the masturbator is the perfect toy for on the go and behaves very discreetly.

But she is just as well in your toy drawer.



This beautiful masturbator is made of TPE, a material that is without plasticizer and odorless.

The soft and supple texture makes the material very slippery.

It adapts well to your body contours and quickly absorbs your body heat, a fantastic pocket pussy cum toy.

You can wash it with soap and water and then clean it thoroughly with a toy cleaner.

With a lubricant, you will have maximum enjoyment.


After played with the mini love doll, change the taste to a Big Love Doll


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115 mm (4.52 inch)


145g (0.32lb)


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