Squeezable Male Masturbator

#13251 Male Stroker

Männer toys

-hand-friendly design
-easy to clean
-soft TPE material

Our Male Stroker is the ideal solution for the couple’s play and solo fun.

It features TPE materials for comfort and is hypoallergenic, plus the interior of the stroker is covered in dozens of stimulating nubs, making sure he’s always rubbed the right way.

The exterior design is unique, combining translucent TPE with an almost industrial design, creating a unique fusion of form and function for pleasure every time.

Available in blue, clear, purple and pink.

The male mastubator measures 19.6x8x7cm and weighs 592g.

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Why do boys cum?


This male masturbation cup is responding…

Some might be unsure about using a flip and fuck, but they will be all happy to give it a go and have all raved about it afterward!

This male stroker sex toy helps if you use lots of warming lube, which can really give an authentic sensation.


And the sleeve has two different easy-to-reach button settings, too, so it really is an all-in-one sleeve.

This squeezable male mastubator is so user-friendly.

It’s also easy to clean and lasts for around 50 workouts, so quite a little cost on an orgasm, that’s a pretty good value for money!


The flip zero is hard to put into words just how good this masturbator is, but I find myself wondering if I want to fuck the flip sex toy or my wife and I can’t say she wins as often as one might think.

The orgasms are great every time so intense even just small movements after blowing your load will have your head spinning.

Besides the great orgasms, it is very easy to keep clean because of the flip open design and material used inside it.

I found mine for a lot less than asking for here but would pay more now knowing how good it works.




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