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#19365 Ideal Roller

Sometimes his back and plantar hurt due to excessive exercise, he’d try handheld massager to relieve the muscle, but never really helped.

Recently he bought an Ideal Roller, it’s Big Massage in a Mini Ball, the powerful vibration really healed his hurt. He also brings the right-hand man to travel, so compact to drop it in his luggage.


Yes, workout + Roller not only keep youth, but healthy body as well!

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Big massage in a mini Ball, yes, Ideal Roller

Cute but Powerful

Size of a baseball

For ones like deep tissue massage

Pain reliever and tension relief

It really hits hard like a jack hammer

Chronic pain relief

Suitable for Yoga, Rehab exercises, stablity exercise, etc.

Great for travel – fits front pouch of backpack easily


Where to use:

  1. Ideal for using pre- or post- workout, both on the go.
  2. Easy tired, sore, and aching muscles after long days at work.
  3. Therapy ball: the small size and easy to grip silicone matt surface, allow you to place the ball directly where it hurts



  1. There are 4 vibrations

1-3 separate levels of vibration, and each one is harder than the next

4th one circles from 1-3.

  1. USB rechargeable, one hour charge can work for 60 minutes
  2. IPX5 waterproof


How to use:

Workout: Put it on the ground, and roll it around where you need it to hit.

Handheld the ball on the place it hurts.

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