Double Roller

#20701 Double Roller

For ones like deep tissue massage

Pain reliever and tension relief

It really hits hard like a jack hammer

Chronic pain relief

Suitable for Yoga, Rehab exercises, stablity exercise, etc.

Great for travel – fits front pouch of backpack easily


Where to use:

  1. Ideal for using pre- or post- workout, both on the go.
  2. Easy tired, sore, and aching muscles after long days at work.
  3. Therapy ball: the small size and easy to grip silicone matt surface, allow you to place the ball directly where it hurts



  1. There are 4 vibrations

1-3 separate levels of vibration and each one is harder than the next

4th one circles from 1-3.

  1. USB rechargeable, one hour charge can work for 60 minutes
  2. IPX5 waterproof
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Double Roller is a dual vibrating ball

  • If you use foam rollers or lacrosse balls to recover, you are going to love the Vibrating Massage Ball.

Its two vibrating spheres dig in deep and allow you to work on your neck, back, legs, and more.


  • The Vibrating Massage Ball has 4 speeds (Low, Medium, High, and Circle).

Whether you are sore from a gym workout or running a marathon, we’ve got the right level for you to optimally release tension and rejuvenate your muscles.


  • From the makers of the professional vibrating foam roller

The Vibrating Massage Ball is used by the pros to recover quickly, rehab from injuries, and perform at an elite level


  • Our dual vibrating ball is loved by athletes, yogis, runners, martial artists, powerlifters, and anyone looking to reach their peak physical fitness.


  • We’ve crafted the Vibrating Massage Ball out of the highest quality Silicone materials, and are so sure you will love it with one year warranty.

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