#20201 Clitlicker

  • Clit vibrator squirt is Soft and gentle to touch;
  • Ergonomic 10 function double-layer silicone ultimate vibrator hugs your clitoris for effortless arousal;
  • User-friendly single-button interface makes operation simple for ultimate sex toys newcomers
  • Raised pleasure nub is perfectly positioned for clitoral contact
  • 100% playable surface lets you explore pinpoint and widespread sensation
  • Share the tiny vibrator with your partner – works on all external erogenous zones
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What is the best clit stimulator?

The magic of this Clitlicker is in its shape and design, made of double-layered soft silicone material and is easily wipeable and IPX7 waterproof, also really easy to hold in different positions. The petal-shaped tip is so soft and accurate that it actually feels more like a finger than a piece of equipment or tiny love toys.

The shaft of tiny love soft developmental toy is substantial enough to hold well, but the way that the tip thins out like a petal means that if you use tiny massage during intercourse it stays neatly flat between your bodies and doesn’t get in the way. This clit twister is also a great shape to slip inside your knickers!

Give your clitoris the kiss of life with this palm massager premium. This awesome panty pal ergonomically hugs your jazz café and embraces you in all the right ways for effortless arousal. 7 functions, waterproof and 100% liquid silicone.

With a tip shaped pedal, the palm power is an expert at pin-point precision and widespread sensations.

Experiment with its entire surface and click through 7 patterns of vibration to really tailor your experience.

Don’t forget that, to get the most from your clit hugger, the tiny love soft toy best served with a happy helping of water-based lube.

Don’t let the name put you off; people without a clitoris can totally enjoy this toy too. It’s for external use, so as long as you have an exterior (which hopefully you do!) you can play to your heart’s content.

Now you get the best vibrator for clitoral stimulation…

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Liquid silicone


75mm (2.9'')


50mm (1.96'')


25mm (0.98'')


56g (1.9oz)


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