Last month a new bought disk often got stuck, especially when a lot of windows are working at the same time. So rebooting twice every day became the often case. It all ended until the disk crashed on one afternoon and couldn’t reboot anymore.
Will customers also worry new found vendors like I concern my new bought disk?
I suppose the answer is “Absolutely!”
Hither and thither we overheard that vendor looks good on the paper, price is 30% better than the current vendor.
But the customer didn’t taste what is Regret until after one order co-operation until they got an answer to the real scenario “Your goods have 10% defective, how do we handle? “
But “there is no regret medicine in the world”.
Also, our established brand customers said their inbox got drown by lower quotes from different vendors, but they don’t change suppliers.
The pyramid relationships are far beyond buying and selling. Many looked good on paper vendors can’t go so long, so far and so high…
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