This photo showed handbags seemed top-notch.

The video showed bags seemed not bad quality.

Ad said:

An American brand-customer went bankruptcy and abandoned his order, now we retail with lower than FOB price for as low MOQ as 5pcs assorted styles.


Quite appealing, right?

Joined their selling we chat group to see how other buyers said:

“Quite good quality, I love the leather, so shiny” yes, from the photo they showed, it seems it’s the case.

“The sewing work is well-done.”

“Leather is odorless.”


Seller remarked, “our bags are SGS tested”. (But no one asked for their testing report.)


Now you totally rested assured.

Good quality and low price, not much good chance like this always happens.

After counting how many friends and relatives, you took 2 hours to choose styles and bought 32pcs handbags in one go.


The parcel arrived in two days, with great expectation and so happy, you felt as though a large balloon was swelling inside you, you thought the bags must be very impressive.

Yes, indeed!

At the moment of opening the cartons, you froze!

What popped up before your eyes are sleazy bags!

Inferior PU material and linings, loose threads here and there, not at all like a brand handbag!


“Return to them!” you thought with pique.

However, after reading their ad again, “Clearance sales, no return!” you felt the happy balloon inside you had got a puncture.


How could you get cheated by this well-crafted plot while you already have decades of buying experience?


Well, well, Cheapest is the dearest!