Using sex toys’ benefits

You will be raising your eyebrow that approx. 70% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm.


Love Toys can help those woman achieve the pleasure they deserve.


What are the benefits of using love toys?


Love toys are designed to stimulate your most pleasurable areas.

This includes things like the clitoris, G-spot and prostate.


Toys also let you try things you might not normally do, especially if you’re in a monogamous relationship – for example, double penetration with your partner and a toy or letting someone with a vulva penetrate someone else with a strap-on.


Of course, toys are also called that for a reason – they add pleasure, fun, and playfulness to your love life and relationship.


They let you explore what feels good, mix things up if they get a little…routine…and experiment with new types of sensation.


They help you figure out what feels good and brings you to orgasm, all good things to know for yourself and to share with a partner. Plus there’s a toy out there for everyone, regardless of gender or taste.


From water toys to vibrators, willy rings to pumps, masturbation sleeves to big booties – Adult toys are there to enhance your intimate life and help you have more love desire, orgasms, and overall sexual satisfaction.

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