Delay shipment is nothing new in China, a customer said: 80+% Chinese suppliers will delay shipment.


Really experienced an order from promised 28 days lead-time to actual 138 days production!

Yes, the numbers didn’t lie, it postponed 110 days!

The funny and annoying excuses turned your head from now and then!


7 days were overdue, you still haven’t got vendor S’ reply of actual cargo ready date, couldn’t wait for any more cause next container has to be loaded next Monday. You called and the sales J answered after ages “It’s not ready yet, maybe wait for another 2 weeks.”


2 weeks later, you got the excuse “motor couldn’t work properly, we have to re-assemble and finish in 3 weeks, we lost money from producing your order, next order price will increase 20%!”


With expectation, you emailed J again after a hard 21 days waiting but auto-reply said “we are on Chinese new year holiday, back to work on Feb. 20”, that’s a date 20 days away!


These drove you mad totally!


However, you are still on a wild ride after J’s back from holiday.

Velvet painting problem;

Gift box printed the wrong color and need re-print;

No electricity in the factory;

Etc, etc….


You are tortured to a maniac after waited ages for production really finished!


Once again, the 80/20 rule is commonly thrown around in Supply Chain.

Hope you are the lucky one dealing with those 20% good vendors.


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