2021 International Women’s Day

She was the apple of her parents’ eyes as a baby;

She was the toddler in the pink princess shoes to make her parents laugh;

She became a primary school student wearing shy face on first day to school;

Enrolled by a sought-after university, for the first time, she left home to study in a far city;

Got a job in a southern city, she got to know how hard to earn money;

Got married to her Mr. Right, she has her own little family;

She got to know it’s not easy that her parents raised her after her child was born;

Since then, she, became a mature women from a young girl.

Since then, she bears in mind she should:

Show love to her little and big families;

Show respect to colleagues;

Be kind and amiable to everyone;

Be humble and low-key every day.


Female, playing a very important role every day, like fish couldn’t live without water, the planet couldn’t run without women…


Buy a gift for your lover, wife, mother to Wish them very Happy Women’s Day!


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