Have heard about butt plugs here and there, but have no idea what do butt plugs do?


Well, PeachBuds got you covered:



Butt plugs, also called anal plug, anal toys, etc.



Soft one is made from TPE, PVC, solid or liquid silicone, while hard one made from metal or ABS electroplated.



As you could imagine: they plug up your butt for sexual pleasure.



there are tons of ultra-sensitive nerve endings in your back door

So stimulating it can bring you a ton of sexual pleasure whether you’re playing with yourself or with a partner.

The female prostate may be stimulated, which can be a pleasant surprise.


How to use:

Use plenty of personal lubricants when you insert a butt plug.

Make sure being very aroused before inserting a butt plug.

Take your time and don’t insert too fast.


Make sure the butt plug material you bought is safe.

A test report would rest assured you.


Meet Butt Plugs from PeachBuds