His façade is deceiving, cause everyone thinks he’s in the thirties at first sight.

The fact is he began work out in his thirties, but that’s 20 years ago.

20 years workout seems to locked his age in thirties, why? Workout can keep youth?


He was young. It seemed he became 250 pounds in one day. There was an important meeting on that day, he was astonished that all his favorite suite couldn’t hide his big belly, it bulged out through the button of the tight shirt.

Damn it!

He made up his mind to lose weight!


3 miles jogging made him breathe like running 10 miles before!

He conquered the laziness day by day, one hour’s jogging plus anaerobic exercise became his daily routine work.

6 months later, amazingly he found his weight dropped 30 pounds!

He fell in love with workout since then and strengthened his exercise.


Sometimes his back and plantar hurt due to excessive exercise, he’d try handheld massager to relieve the muscle, but never really helped.

Recently he bought a Ideal Roller, it’s Big Massage in a Mini Ball, the powerful vibration really healed his hurt. He also brings the right-hand man to travel, so compact to drop it in his luggage.


Yes, workout + Roller not only keep youth, but healthy body as well!