She misses him so much!

Whenever She is walking on the road;

Driving and listening to music;

She is home cooking,

Working in the office,

He’d pop up from her mind suddenly!

She is very taken with him…


She misses his face, his smile, his taut body and the time they were together…


She does love the happy feeling of missing him!

There is a wide grin on her face at the moment.

He made her life full of sunlight!


She does know his all belong to her.

Sometimes She feels sorry to him, cause he paid too much on her and she hardly paid anything.

The feeling of sorry made her feel shy to face him, afraid of him.

But her worst fear is life without him. The life likes that would be dull and pointless…


So she decided to cherish him and love him, ever and forever….

His name is Mr. Right – a realistic male doll sex toy from PeachBuds