Are your adult toys and your vendor safe?


From a recent chat, A told me supplier X had cut his stick with a lot of unpaid amount to his raw material vendors.


X did receive myriads of dildos’ orders last year, with the price far less than most factories’ costs in Shenzhen.

Someone calculated his sales price, which even couldn’t cover the materials and rent, let alone the labor costs.

His price seemed beyond reason unless…


Other suppliers have seethed with ill-disguised curiosity.


One day, a guy (one of X’s raw material vendors) went to X’s factory to ask for 3 months overdue payment, what appeared before the guy was a mess instead of a doing roaring trade factory!

They had run away!


In the following days, more and more debt collector come and left.

Those poor guys exchanged their martyr role experience with X…


Finally, local government staff came and planned to sell X’s factory to pay for vendors, but after assessment, his factory’s value was not enough to pay for one vendor!


Needless to say, those overseas customers who had paid but will never receive their goods!

X collected all payment before shipment (no credit to his customers) but gave vendors Net 90 days!


Do you know what’s hidden in the real-life example of X’s Dildo’s production?

What material did he use?

What processing did he adopt?

Why can he do a much lower price while others can’t?



To find a reliable supplier is more important than to find a good love toy!

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