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#13261 Stroker Toy

Hot snatch

-as soft as real skin
-textured tunnel

PeachBuds Stroker Toy is one of our most unique designs in men’s masturbator products. Featuring a one-of-a-kind cube design, this stroker is long enough to accommodate any man, no matter how well endowed, and the unique suction created is incredibly stimulating.

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Whats a pocket pussy?


This time with reusable models that look like beautiful pieces of art!

The 3d model stroker toy all have their very own distinct looks.

These could easily be left in plain sight without arousing any suspicion.

But don’t be fooled, that pretty exterior is what actually goes on the inside while in use.
You see, the display is actually the drying stand, this way the textured inside is always flipped out when drying.

This prevents the male play toys from accumulating moisture and mold.

Something that can be a problem with Fleshlights and other closed models.

The material is extremely soft and stretchy and, since there’s no outer shell, you control the pressure with your hand totally.
So if the usual hard shell toy isn’t tight enough for you this mastorbator can be pretty useful.
Suction is also great once you get the hang of it.
Bricks texture is interesting

The material expands to accommodate all girths, and the offset cubes stimulate the shaft and the head for a unique experience in solo pleasure or in couple’s play.

Available in a range of scintillating colors, it measures 14x5cm and weighs 180g.

How to clean

For cleaning simply flip the texture back out and rinse thoroughly, make sure to get all the nook and crannies.

Once this is done, dry all over the male masturbator and leave it on a clean towel.

After about 5 minutes you can rinse again and let your 3d air dry on its stand.
Once fully dry, you can finally put the lid back on and move on with your day.

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