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Small sex, powerful orgasm

clit vib

nipple toys

  • 10 vibe patterns: Press tongue shape button
  • 10 Licking patterns: press vibe wave button
  • IPX6 waterproof sex toys
  • Sound: 60db
  • Material: medical grade silicone
  • Magnetic USB rechargeable clit viborator


H 74mm (2.9’’)

W 52mm (2.1’’)

T 37.5mm (1.5’’)

Net weight: 72g (2.5oz)


Motor 1: N20 9000rpm

Motor 2: 130 3600rpm

Battery: 330mAh

Voltage: 3.7V

Power: 1.406Wh


Charging: 1.5 hours

Working: > 1 hour

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Nipple teaser

This two-in-one Naughty mini vibe includes a tongue licking toy and vibrator.

The head is equipped with a flexible tongue that can withstand sweet licks, so the mini vibrater is a must for couples to mobilize their flirtation.

At the bottom end is a thrilling vibrating stimulator that will bring you to orgasm at the perfect time for flirting.

Get a mini tongue vibrator, with the texture and shape of a real tongue.
Performs a licking motion just like a real tongue.

Clit vibration

Most small vibrator for women are lack of power because there’s no space for them to run a strong motor inside.

However, our naughty time novelty has an unbelievable powerful motor. So don’t be fooled by its mini size, you must be surprised by the clit teaser’s strong vibration!
The small vibrator features heart shape vibrator and a flickering tongue that simulates licking for oral sex and foreplay teasing.

The small vibrater can be used as a handle to maneuver the tongue licking action into the right spots, or flip the toy around to allow the vibrations to tickle your clit with its naughty secrets.

This lovely clit vibrator provides thrilling sensations for both him and her!

Intimate toys

Use the flickering tongue to lick up his inner thighs, down his shaft, over the tip of his penis or even on his perineum.

Then switch! Let your partner tickle and tease you, running mini vibrator’s licking tongue down your spine, over your nipples, and down your abdomen to lap your soft labia.

Clit toys

The clit vibe lets you choose between 10 different vibrating speeds and functions to change up your orgasm type and intensity.

The discreet style and size make this silicone vibrator perfect to take anywhere for a good time!

This naughty vibrator feels super amazing at 10 different patterns to help you achieve the big O!
This clit viberator was great, the tongue side is great for pinpointed pleasure and the other side has great vibrations especially if you’re trying to build up to something or come down.

The vibrations vary from light to strong depending on the setting and it’s possible to turn on both sides at once.

You can use the flicker toy as often as you like on any occasion because of its petite and lightweight size.

Waterproof vibrator

Use with a partner or solo to enhance your play time! The IPX6 water-proof design allows for fun in the shower.

USB Rechargeable with the included USB charging cable will avoid the disappointment of being powerless.

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