Hot Anal

Item#: 20222 Hot Anal

PHT free

IPX7 Waterproof

Height: 14.5cm (5.7’’)

Diameter: 8.5cm (3.3’’)

Net weight: 480g (16.9oz)


*Realistic butt masturbator with extra-tight ass entrance for explosive anal penetration pleasure on demand

*Open-ended and water resistant for quick clean-up after use of the beautiful ass pussy

*Ultra-ribbed 5.7 inch canal teases and wows your full length with every thrust of this little ass fuck

*Made from soft, supple TPE that looks and feels so real as best blowjob giver


Start a sexy new chapter with Hot Anal, a realistic ass toy with an extra-tight canal for stunning stimulation from start to finish.

With ultra-undulating internal ribs plus a lifelike ass opening, the ass fuck toy offers wonderful realism in a pocket-sized portable style.

For couples, making the 3d male sex toy part of your playtime can make for exciting after-dark adventures. Your partner might enjoy watching you masturbate or they could take control by pleasuring you with real anal cum as they would with their hand.

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Have you tried a few ass sex toys now,

a lot of adult male masturbation,

but only feel Hot Anal is as close to the real thing as you can get?


Coat brown ass anal in water-based lubricant for smooth and sensual thrusting, and take solo play up a notch by popping a bullet vibrator into the hole in ass stroker’s base.

If you’re girthy or relatively long, then this ass like pussy will feel like heaven to you.

The opening is tight and the ribbed tunnel inside gives a sensational grip.

You will need a fair amount of lube to keep the fake anal sex toy feeling good, otherwise dark ass fuck can dry out and become a bit too grippy.

You’ll need to make sure to lube up the fake ass sex toy’s hole and area surrounding it so it goes down to your base comfortably.

Suggest edging and using slow long strokes to make you last for a long time. When you think you’re about to hit climax, stop and start again slowly.

This’s a great toy to train you to last a long time.

You’d feel how great to cum inside of the toy, and it felt exceptional! It felt exactly like the real thing.


The life like masturbator is very easy to clean, you just have to open the hole and run hot water through the assgasm toy and you’re done.

Make sure you wipe off the lube/cum though.

All in all, exceptionally satisfying, feels as close to the real thing as you can get, very easy to clean, definitely would become your new favorite ass masterbator.

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