Cherry bomb sex

For women who treasure their sensuality, this vibrating cherry blossom massasge is designed as a stylish and discreet alternative to the traditional “Geisha Balls” or Geiler vibrator.

It combined pleasure and fitness system that enables women to tone up, tighten and increase strength of the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles to heighten orgasms and sexual wellness.


This Cherry Adult offers 7 powerful vibration modes.

Designed with silky soft double layer silicone casing, add on a generous amount of water based lubricant and insert into the vagina.

Fully Waterproof and USB Re-chargeable, the cherry bomb sex is perfect for playtime in the bath, in your room, or even in the public and its petite size makes it an ideal travel companion.

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Discover the secret of cherry bomb sex to a tighter feeling vagina,

that will leave you and your lover more satisfied during sex!

The Cherry Bomb Sex invented from the playing with ben wa balls is an easy to use kegel tool,

that helps women complete those pelvic tightening exercises that create better control and a tighter sensation.


No experience is necessary to use the Cherry vibrating love egg, just apply some water-based lubrication and insert the cherry bomb sex into the vagina with the attached pull cord hanging out.


The body responds naturally to the weight of the geisha kugel, instinctively clenching around it to keep it inside. The diameter of 1.6’’ should be easy to accommodate and it presents the perfect size for the pelvic muscles to clench around.

As with many exercises adding resistance in the form of weights is beneficial and vastly improves the results. The same is true with Kegel exercises and adding weight to each rep greatly increases the tightening effect.

This large ben wa ball is also a good fit for anal cherry or butt cherry.

Made from a smooth double-layer silicone material that’s so body-safe it’s even hypoallergenic and antibacterial, the Cherry vibrating love ball has a soft and supple feel that makes it easier to utilize for longer periods of time so you can last through a real workout!

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40mm (1.6'')


155mm (6'')




56g (1.9oz)


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