People are what Matter Most in Business

It’s about my customer Savo’s real experience with supplier Z.


Three months ago, he placed 3Kpcs rabbit vibe order with Z’s company.

But his journey of purchasing seemed to be a wild ride and haplessly he bumped all the way, till now.


“Original CE and RoHS test report should be issued after order confirmation.” was written in article 3.31 on PO, but Z said he didn’t peruse the order’s conditions after Savo’s paid 30% deposit!

At last Savo received the test documents after a barrage of arguments and 35 days’ waiting.

But to his surprise, what showed on his computer is a fake report: no testing chart, no PCB, no battery, no motor showed… just a finished product photo sitting on the last page!

But this is just a start of not letting him rest assured.

He waited and pushed, emails after emails, phones after phones, but Z never updates ready date proactively…

The promised 30 days lead-time turned out to be 3 months and 13 days!

When Savo’s QC inspected the goods at Z’s factory, the QC reported Savo the logo was made upside down!

And what Z’s statement was “it is pointless to argue the not matter logo, we will charge you $1.49/pc if you need us re-work it!”

The truth is, buyers are seeing their suppliers as not simply vendors, but as a key asset in realizing their business strategy as well.

And it makes real sense only when the right people are involved.

“People are what Matter Most in Business. I wish I could have met you earlier” he typed.

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