Facing such Vendors, are you Really Ready?

I found myself slipping into a complain frame.

This time the target bombarded by my complaint was my vendor, Watt.

He works for a Taiwanese-owned Love Toy company.

8 years of history, 3 lines of injection machines, one tooling room, 3 assembling lines with ISO certificated products.

This is the first time we co-operate.

They could have received an A grade on the paper.


Then there’s a catch: People are what matter Most in Business

Watt has a critical problem:

You are not expected to find the term ”Proactive” in his dictionary.


Any buyers would want to receive an in-time update about order process:

Has our new artwork printed properly?

Our logo fits well on the toy?

On which date our order will be carried out?

Can we arrange QC as the agreed date on PO?

ETD and ETA?

Has the supplier received our payment?

Shipping documents tracking number?


But any email or message wouldn’t be replied from Watt’s side until after 24 hours or never got an answer from him.

If you call him for an urgent matter, he’d say “Blimey, you sent me an email? I’ll definitely reply at one!”

Then minutes after minutes, hours after hours, nothing from him…


My attention was depleted.

Finally, his reply of ”the cargo ready date will have to delay another 34 days” arrived, even without a “sorry”!

34 days! I’ll miss Peak season of sales, what’s the use of goods then?


Now I only grade B – for this company because their software sucks.


True, a good supplier is hard to distinguish nowadays.


It’s not about how old the company is, how many achievements they have accomplished in the past and how many big names they had been working with.


It’s all about their people.

How to be a backup force for their customer;

How to think and take action one step ahead of their customers and make them worry-free;

How to fuel their customer up on the front;

Drop me a line to share your inspirations.