Chinese Lunar calendar May 5th was the day of totem fete from the “dragon” tribe.

There are 3 reasons for the saying:


  1. Two Main activities are Eating ZongZi (a kind of Chinese food) and Dragon Boat Race, both connected with Dragon.

Flood Dragon stole the ZongZi which people threw in the water to feed fishes, and the racing tool is Dragon Boat.


  1. People have a custom of making 5 colors threads bracelet on May 5th in ancient, this should be the beginning of tattoo custom of like “Children of Dragon”.


  1. Boat Racing has a great relationship with Yue (poet QuYuan’s tribe), and the publics have custom of Dragon Tattoo.


This is just one of the stories our ancestors left us. More would be shared by the next Festival.


Yes, we have celebrated this traditional festival for over two thousand years,

the name is Dragon Boat Festival!

Now enjoy the happy holiday with

ZongZi and watching Dragon Boat RacingJ


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