Alice is a modern and independent girl.

Although working in one of the world’s top 500 companies, and got decent income. Despite being filthy rich, Alice is leading her life in a frugal way and is low-key before others. Taking the metro to work rather than driving, wearing cheap clothes instead of luxury ones.

But for health, she has a high standard.

She has an annual VIP card in a gym club.

Especially for her face, the investment on her face has never been enough.

She always says to her gal pals: “Invest in your face because you wear it every day; Look after our skin: our body’s largest organ and outermost layer.”


Fall in love with massagers

But the pandemic impeded her routine workout in the gym, leisure club, and chances to go to the beauty parlor.

Thanks to technology, she can relieve herself with the help of electric massager at home now.

Since then, she has bought scores of body massagers and handheld massagers to use at home.

After a long and tiring day from work and heavy workouts, nothing beats having a good back massage to end the day.

e.g. Back massager, it soothes her aching joints and muscles from a whole day’s sedentary job.


And peanut massage ball, she’d use against the wall or on the floor after every week’s online yoga course. The electronic massager stimulates better blood flow and circulation and gives her sleep tight every night.


Her home, just become an electric massager’s salon!


Couldn’t find one to fit her face

She’s so fascinated with the massage rehab at home.

But she hasn’t found a great makeup massager for her pretty face.

She prefers one with 360 degrees rolling and at the same time with vibration.

Manual twin-ball facial massager couldn’t make it.


Double Facial Roller spoils her!

The other day Alice got a birthday present in a pink box at her birthday party.

The stylish and elegant appearance of the mini massager presents a visually stunning unit, she couldn’t move her eyes away from it.

Besides the visual attractiveness, both balls perform well, too!

The spheres on the massage handle offer a smooth massage. They roll freely and smoothly, and grab the skin a bit but not as rough as some others, it’s quite pleasant to use and feel great on the skin.

Facial Roller massager with 2 motors, 3 speeds vibration, just the one she’s looking for for a long time!

The multi-functions makes her couldn’t let it go:

*Stimulate key points on the face

*Even out tone skin

*Improve sagging jaw line

*boost circulation

*reduce puffiness and wrinkles

*stimulate blood circulation

*Deep tissue massage: this may help people who clench their jaws when they sleep or suffer from tension-type headaches.

*3D tapping which reflected the treatment by estheticians

*3 speeds vibration function ae added to the conventional esthetic roller

*The outer surface is chrome plated, and you can feel the gentle texture and comfortable stimulation with the roller.

*Power supply: 3 AAA batteries (not included)

When using the balls along her cheekbone and jaw, face massager roller gently grabs up the skin and feels wonderful!

After getting this Y shape face massager, Alice often uses it on face masks and make-up to help relieve facial tension. When holding it just below and in front of her ear, the facial massage roller can “scratch” ear itches.

Actually, she found more tricks than from the instruction manual.

Double Facial Roller spoils her and she loves it to the moon and back!