Everyone has a dream.

Her adolescent dream was becoming a singer, holding her favorite microphone and singing on the world stage in front of tens of thousands of her rock-solid fans!

Immersing in their ear-splitting cheers and claps would be her most enjoyable moment!


But her friends greeted her passion and intensity with labored signs and vacant stares because no one talked about bucket lists in those days.


After years of painstaking hard-working, she became one of the most popular celebrities in her country!


One of her secret weapon of overnight famous is MIC!


Today, MIC is one of the most shining stars in the unbeatable position of well known pretty love vibrator in the love toy and best silicone vibrator in the massaging industry.


Whatever foreplay, nipple play, Clit fun, or deep orgasm are all a cinch for MIC – inspire silicone wand vibrator!


*360 degrees bendable head;

Pretty Diamond patterned handle;

Hand friendly design;

Full silicone covered makes it IPX7 waterproof;


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