Merry Christmas, everyone!


Finally, we got to say Goodbye to the eventful 2020.

Although there’s quiet Christmas celebrations on the streets, our hearts are full of joy and best wishes!


No one but ourselves knows how hard this year was, we’ve learned life is unpredictable and living is hard.


How the “stay at home” policy, lockdown, and curfews changed our life, drove people mad.

How many times, we are moved to tears by our medical workers working on the frontline of conquering Covid 19.


Today, we are still working hard to distinguish the virus.

We believe the day of overcoming any difficulty and getting back to normal life is at the corner so long as we are wholeheartedly united together!


Let’s hope for a peaceful and healthier 2021!


Take care, everyone!


All our best,


PeachBud Team