Did you ever wonder:

Is this vendor a factory or trader of the masterbation toys I am buying?


Well, if the question sounds familiar to you, you are in the right place.

Ask your vendor production procedure before pull the money out of your pocket.


I’ll get your covered 10 steps how pussie were born from production lines.


So here I craft one Infographic to help you get a better insight into how #masturbators are made from Love Toy production lines.


1.  Machine heating and temperature control

warming up machines

2.    Raw material preparation

3.    Mixing up

raw materials

4. Refill mixed materials in machine and melting

masturbator production machine

5.    Pour in molds, wait, and refill liquid material

mold of stroker

6.    Wait to shape

masturbator mold

7.    Take out from mold and Cool down in the water tank

water tank of big booty

8.    Remove extra brims

stroker trim

9.    QC and Powder them

powdering masturbators

10.    Packing

life size doll

Each process of masturbator’s production aligns with the equivalent skilled operation.


Now you have clear ideas in your mind whom you are dealing with is factory or trader based on if they know the productions by heart.


Feel free to hit me up for other adult novelties productions.