Liquid silicone sex toys

Is the TPE only material you could think of in love toy industry?

Oops, you are a little behind the times!


So what’s the fashion now you may be wondering?

Let’s begin the treasure hunt!


From the TPE cock ring to normal silicone ring and silicone vibrating ring, consumers can expect an effect of helping erection and making erection for stronger and longer, but do they also wanna comfortable material while achieving the aforementioned result?


So what exactly is Liquid Silicone?

Liquid silicone is one type of silicone polymer that is frequently used to create molds for various industrial products.


What’s the difference between the Liquid silicone (purple is A) and TPE (blue is B) ring?

* Elasticity: A: 23cm vs B: 20CM;

* Hard-wearing: e.g. A can work 50 times vs B 20 times;

* Life span: e.g. A is 6 months vs B 2 months;

* Velvety feeling: A smooth vs B matt

* Color: A solid vs B translucent

* Cost: A is double + higher than B

And more….


What is the trend?

Google says it:

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